Can dogs eat zucchini

Can dogs eat zucchini

  • Dogs can eat zucchini
  • Zucchini is good for dogs

Can dogs eat zucchini?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat zucchini?

Dogs can eat zucchini! And zucchini is actually healthy for them!  Zucchini is low in fat, and it has many of the nutrients that dogs need.

Many people will chop up zucchini and add it into a dogs bowl in chunks along with the dog food as a healthy treat.

If you are giving your dog cooked zucchini make sure there are no dangerious spices such as garlic on it.

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14 comments on “Can dogs eat zucchini

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    I had no clue dogs could eat that. thanks.

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    I have heard that zucchinis can make a nice snack for dogs.

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    Zucchini helps reduce blood pressure.

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    dogs can eat zucchini, no problem

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    zucchinis are healthy treats for dogs.

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    My dog seems to love zucchini

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    zucchini make a nice treat for training dogs.

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    My dog likes to eat zucchinis…
    If only i could make my kids eat them 😉

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    My dog also loves to eat them.

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    My dog loves to eat zucchini. I always add some to her bowl, and she really enjoys it.

    My dog will not eat dry food by itself, so I always mix something in, and zucchini works very well.

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