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Can Dogs Eat Yogurt

Can dogs eat yogurt

  • Dogs can eat yogurt

Can dogs eat yogurt?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat yogurt?

Dogs can eat yogurt!

Similar to milk, dogs can also eat yogurt but in small amounts. Yogurts often contain a live bacteria culture which helps in your dog’s digestion. Some owners would include a tablespoon of organic yogurt in their dog’s diet. Some will also avoid yogurt due to the fact that some dogs might be lactose intolerant and even a small amount of yogurt can make them vomit or experience diarrhea.

Diarrhea caused by lactose intolerance can be quite difficult to treat since your dog is losing a lot of body fluids and they need to be re-hydrated as soon as possible t would be advisable to ask your veterinarian first if it is safe to let your dog eat some yogurt. If it is, try to ask how many servings your dog can eat, how often should you feed your dog with yogurt and what should you do in case your dog accidentally eats more than the recommended amount.

Yogurt does not also aid in your dog’s digestion but it is also rich in protein and calcium which helps in muscle repair and bone development. Make sure to strictly follow what your veterinarian’s advice regarding your dog’s diet and you won’t be having any problems in the future.

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