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can dogs eat pork

Can dogs eat pork

  • Dogs can eat small amounts of pork
  • Pork does not sit well in dogs stomachs
  • Raw pork should not be given to dogs

Can dogs eat pork

you may ask yourself can my dog eat pork?

The answer is that cooked pork is harmless to dogs, however it does not sit well in their stomachs.

There are a lot of differing opinions of if you should feed your dog pork or not, and that is because it all depends on the dog.  Some dogs can eat large amounts of pork, and they will be perfectly fine, they will not have any stomach problems, and they will go on with their day, where as some other dogs will have mild stomach aches.

Around 50% of dogs will have some form of allergy to pork, this allergy is usually developed over time.  If your dog is not used to eating pork from a young age, and you start to feed your dog pork, it is likely that your dog will have a slight reaction to it, and end up having a stomach ache.  If you have fed your dog pork from a young age, your dogs stomach becomes accustom to breaking down the pork, and will not be affected by it.

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