can dogs eat pork

Can dogs eat pork

  • Dogs can eat small amounts of pork
  • Pork does not sit well in dogs stomachs
  • Raw pork should not be given to dogs

Can dogs eat pork

you may ask yourself can my dog eat pork?

The answer is that cooked pork is harmless to dogs, however it does not sit well in their stomachs.

There are a lot of differing opinions of if you should feed your dog pork or not, and that is because it all depends on the dog.  Some dogs can eat large amounts of pork, and they will be perfectly fine, they will not have any stomach problems, and they will go on with their day, where as some other dogs will have mild stomach aches.

Around 50% of dogs will have some form of allergy to pork, this allergy is usually developed over time.  If your dog is not used to eating pork from a young age, and you start to feed your dog pork, it is likely that your dog will have a slight reaction to it, and end up having a stomach ache.  If you have fed your dog pork from a young age, your dogs stomach becomes accustom to breaking down the pork, and will not be affected by it.

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    I don’t eat pork. My dog ran off one time I found her down at a neibors house eating their her home and within 10 min she was throwing up whole pieces of ham. She was so sick I thought she was dying.she started to have the runs with blood in it. Took her 3 days to get better

    • - Post author

      It is never good when your dog gets into the garbage, and starts eating stuff. The pork had probably turned, and your dog probably ate other stuff along with it.

      Glad that your dog ended up being ok.

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    Pork is not bad for dogs, and can be in fact healthy for dogs.

    Many people think that pork is not ok for dogs to eat because pork meat is different then meats from other animals, and can cause stomach aches.

    If you have given your dog pork from a young age, they will be fine with eating it, and will not have any problems. However, if you give your dog pork when it is older, and it has never eaten pork before, your dog can get a stomach ache, and have the runs.

    You should also read the post can dogs eat pork rib bones Many people make the mistake of giving them to their dogs without knowing how bad they can be.

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    yea pork gives my dog runs.

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    I dont like giving pork to my dog.

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    I would not give my dog pork..

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    I dont feed my dog pork.

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    thanks for the help.

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    pork generally is not the best food for dogs.

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    I would rather give chicken, or beef.

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    I dont see anything wrong with giving it to your dog.

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    try not to feed your dog any pork.

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    My dog eats pork without any problem.

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    Pork also seems to upset my dogs stomach, so I try to stay away from it, however, my dog does get some bacon bits when we are having bacon, and he is ok with them.

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    My dog seems to get the runs after eating pork..
    I would not suggest giving it to Your dog.

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    My dog has never eaten pork.

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    Pork seems to negativeness affect my dog, so I have not given her any in a long time.

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    Thanks for the post!

    I’ll try feeding my dog pork today, see how he reacts.

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    I have noticed that my dog does get the runs every time my dog eats pork!

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    thanks for telling us about dogs and pork!

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    I have never given my dog any pork, and I do not think I ever will.

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    I have given my dog pork before, and did not think about it until now, but I think my dogs stool was runny after he ate it.

    I’ll see next time he eats pork.

    If it happens, I will stay away from feeding him any.

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