Can dogs eat popcorn

Can dogs eat popcorn

  • Dogs can eat popcorn
  • Many dog foods contain corn
  • Too much popcorn can make your dog sick
  • Hard corn kernels can hurt your dog
  • Popcorn can get stuck in your dogs teeth
  • Some dogs are allergic

Can dogs eat popcorn?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat popcorn?

Dogs can eat popcorn, as long as they are not allergic. Many dogs enjoy eating popcorn, and it is fine to give your dog a few popped kernels, however do not feed your dog an entire bag.

Popcorn can be digested by dogs, however, like humans, popcorn is an unhealthy junk food for dogs.

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  3. my dog loves popcorn

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    my dog really loves popcorn.

  5. thanks for your post, I just gave my dog a few pieces, he loves them.

  6. My dog loves popcorn…

  7. yes.

    I give my dog popcorn all the time.

  8. My dog always eats popcorn, and he is fine.

  9. I cannot see anything wrong with a couple pieces of popcorn every now and then.

  10. My dog loves popcorn.

  11. My dog never stops begging for popcorn.
    He loves it.

  12. I cannot watch a movie without my dog begging at my knees for some popcorn…

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