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can dogs eat pecans

Can dogs eat pecans

  • Dogs can eat pecans

Can dogs eat pecans?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat pecans?

Dogs can eat pecans!

You can feed your dog pecans, however it is not recommended that you give your dog a large quantity of pecans.  Pecans can cause your dog to become bloated, and give your god bad gas, and diarrhea.

If you do feed your dog pecans, make sure that you remove the pecan shell before you give it to your dog.  The shells are hard, and in the shell, they are a choking hazard for your dog.  The shells can also break apart and become sharp, and may cut your dogs mouth or cause damage as your dog swallows them.

Feeding your dog one or two peeled pecans should be ok.

*Some dogs have allergies to pecans, so you should look out for any signs of trouble breathing after you give pecans to your dog.

Post by: Adrian Sau

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