Can dogs eat pears

Can dogs eat pears

  • Dogs can eat pears
  • Don’t let dogs eat pear pits

Can dogs eat pears?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat pears?

Dogs can eat pears!  Pears are actually a treat for dogs as they love the taste.

Do not feed too many pears to dogs however.  An excess of any fruit can case dogs to have runny stool.

Do not feed the pear pit to dogs, as they can choke on them, and the pit can clog the intestinal tract.

Dogs prefer soft pears to hard pears.

Post by: Adrian Sau

13 comments on “Can dogs eat pears

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    Pears can make for a great treat for dogs. If you were asking yourself: can my dog eat pears? the answer is yes.

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    nothing wrong with giving a dog a bit of pear.

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    pears are a nice treat for dogs

  4. -

    I dont see why a dog could not…

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    Pears can be beneficial in lowering high blood pressure, controlling blood cholesterol levels and increasing urine acidity.

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    Pears are great treats for dogs.

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    I know that for my dog, pears have seem to be perfectly healthy, and my dog loves them.

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    I have given my dog a pear once a week, and he is very healthy.

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    I will try feeding my dog some pears!
    Thanks for the post.

    • - Post author

      no problem, hope your dog enjoys eating the pear.

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    Thank you very much.

    I will try giving my dog some pear, and see how he likes it.

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    Thanks for the share,
    my dog loves to eat pears. I usually cut them up, and put them into the freezer. I then take them with me as treats.

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