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can dogs eat oranges

Can dogs eat oranges

  • Dogs can eat oranges

Can dogs eat oranges?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat oranges?

Dogs can eat oranges!

If you give a dog some orange, only give a few segments, not an entire orange.  Although some orange is ok for dogs, and dogs love oranges, too much can mean an upset stomach.

Research shows that oranges in moderation can be very healthy for a dog.  Oranges contain a large amount of fiber as well as many helpful minerals and vitamins that can be very healthy for a dog.

Oranges are high in vitamin C so if your dog eats oranges they will be getting antioxidants that will help boost their immune system. (this can help prevent  your dog from getting cancer)

Oranges have no fat, or sodium, so they will not have harmful effects on your dog, however if you feed too many oranges to your dog, your dog may have trouble using the washroom, and my start having diarrhea and gas.

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