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Can Dogs Eat Onions

Can dogs eat onions

  • Dogs can NOT eat onions

Can dogs eat onions?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat onions?

Dogs can NOT eat onions!

There are many foods that safely be shared and eaten by both humans and dogs. Onions are not one of those foods, however. Technically, depending on their size and weight, it is possible for a dog to eat a small dose of a form of onion without having any outward effects. However, they are feeling the effects in their blood cells and can actually develop anemia and die from consuming any form of onion.

Humans and dogs do not share the same physiology. There are many foods and plants that their bodies cannot properly digest and break down; any form of an onion, whether raw, cooked, flaked or powder. What happens it that the active ingredient in the onion (allyl propyl disulfide) actually attacks the dog’s red blood cells. What happens as a result of this break down is that the body then fights and destroys the damaged cells; causing anemia and in some cases death.

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