Can dogs eat nectarines

Can dogs eat nectarines

  • Dogs can eat nectarines

Can dogs eat nectarines?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat nectarines?

Dogs can eat nectarines! 

Dog can handle nectarines as long as you do not give them large amounts.   Also be sure to not give a dog the nectarine pit, as it can be harmful, and is a choking hazard.

If you feed your dog nectarines make sure you only give a small amount.

Post by: Adrian Sau

8 comments on “Can dogs eat nectarines

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    nectarines may be a little sower for a dogs taste, but im sure a dog can eat them

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    nectarines are fine.

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    Cannot see anything wrong with giving a dog nectarines

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    Nectarines should be harmless for your dog.

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    nectarines should be ok for dogs as long as you do not give too much…

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    I give my dog nectarines every so often, and he is healthy.

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    nectarines should be fine for dogs…

    I give mine a slice every now and then.

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    I remember reading this book: marley and me.
    They had a mango tree and their dog marley always ate mangos from it… but he had colorful poop…..

    I guess they can eat nectarines cause they are like mangos.

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