Can dogs eat lobster

Can dogs eat lobster

  • Dogs can eat lobster
  • Some dogs may have an allergy to lobster

Can dogs eat lobster?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat lobster?

Dogs can eat lobster!

Most dogs can easily eat lobster, however some my have an allergic reaction to it.  If you are feeding your dog lobster for the first time, make sure you only give it a small amount to make sure they are ok with eating it, and do not have any allergies.

Lobsters are also not very healthy for dogs.  They are high in cholesterol, and so they are very fattening for dogs.

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19 comments on “Can dogs eat lobster

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    thanks for your share guys

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    thank you for your post

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    thank you for your post

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    ok. thank you.

    My dog had a small bit of lobster, I was wondering if it was ok.

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    expensive dish for a dog.

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    One expensive meal, my dog would likely eat like 10.

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    Your giving LOBSTER to your dog!

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    Lobster should be ok.

    I would not give too much.

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    Although lobster wouldn’t be the best choice of dog food, i cannot see anything wrong with giving your dog a little. I would be careful tho cuz some dogs may be allergic.

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    Really informative blog article. Much obliged.

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    looks like my puppy is gettin some lobsta 🙂

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    I would not feed my dog lobster just cuz its way to expensive for dog food…

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    I have given my dog some lobster scraps before, and she loved them.

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    Well, if I was to MAYBE give my dog lobster, it sure would not be a large amount…

    Lobster is WAY to expensive for dog food… I could see myself passing down a sliver or two if I was eatting it, but that would be it…

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    Why would you feed your dog lobsters?

    Most expensive dog food I have ever heard of!

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