Can dogs eat lemons

Can dogs eat lemons

  • Dogs should not eat lemons
  • lemons are very acidic and can cause belly aches

Can dogs eat lemons?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat lemons?

Dogs can not eat lemons! (it is not recommended)

Although dogs would be able to digest lemon skins, and juice, lemons are not healthy for dogs.

Lemons have a very high acidity levels, and so they can cause dogs to have stomach aches.

The seeds in lemons are poisonous to dogs because they contain cyanide.

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    Lemons are not actually acidic, they are one of the most alkaline food you can eat. Check any food ph chart

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      This is woo woo, lemons are acidic, they have a lot of citric acid

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    I used to have a West Highland White Terrier that liked lemons. Didn’t find this out due to giving one on purpose, but he ate a lemon slice that fell to the floor. He’d make faces at the sourness, but come back and want more. He didn’t get them very often (neither did we, for that matter) but he never lost his taste for them.

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    It would probably be funny to see a dogs face as it bites into a lemon.

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    thanks for the post.

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    your blog is very cool.

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    why would you even consider giving your dog lemons?

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      well I read in a book for bulldogs that you should squirt lemon juice in the back of a bulldogs mouth to help the dogs saliva go down better so he can drink water on a hot day.

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    very good stuff.

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    giving lemons or lemon juice to your dog is crewel.

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    dogs will not like lemons at all

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    Giving your dog lemon is evil.

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    useful ! great post!

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    Ya, lemons are not meant for a dogs mouth.

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    It¡¯s hard to dispute valid information, and you have made your points with valid and persuasive content. I thank you for this quality informative material.

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    you need to be evil to give your dog lemon to eat.

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    Lemons are not meant for dogs… don’t give them one.

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    lemons are not meant to be given to dogs, they would never eat them in the wild, and you should not feed lemons to your dog.

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    Giving a dog lemon is not a good idea…

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    Feeding your dog lemon is cruel, just don’t do it.

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    Giving your dog lemon would just be cruel

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    Feeding a dog lemon is just mean…

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    Lemon is a safe food for dogs to eat.
    < << .BUT. >>>
    Remove the seeds from any fruit before handing them to your dog to eat in order to be safe.

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    I don’t think dogs would even like lemon, so why would you give it?

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    I gave my dog a sip of lemonade… reading this I regret it a little. But I think he will be ok…

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    My uncle once taught my dog a lesson when she was begging by giving her a slice of lemon.

    other then my dog making a sour face, she was fine.

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    Lemons are not very good for dogs…

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