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Can dogs eat lamb bones

Can dogs eat lamb bones

  • Dogs can chew on lamb bones
  • Dogs cannot eat thin or brittle bones
  • Cooking bones makes them brittle

Can dogs eat lamb bones?

you may ask yourself can my dog lamb bones?

Can you give your dog lamb bones is not as simple of a question as you may think  in fact, depending on the dog, different bones can be given.  Larger dogs can only have thicker bones because of their jaw strength, while smaller dogs may be able to have some thinner bones.

The reasoning behind this is that dogs can chip up pieces of the bone, ans swallow them.  If this happens, the fragments of bone can cause damage to the stomach, and the colon.

If your dog is not used to eating bones, limit the amount of time your dog has to eat them, and only let them play with the lamb bones under supervision.

The bones should not be cooked.  When you cook bones, they become brittle, and they splinter more easily.

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