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Can dogs eat grapes/raisins

Can dogs eat grapes

  • Grapes are poisonous to dogs
  • Large amount of grapes or raisins can be lethal to dogs

Can dogs eat grapes/raisins

you may ask yourself can my dog eat grapes or raisins?

The answer to this is NO!   Although small amounts of grapes, or raisins are not harmful to dogs, they contain juices that are poisonous to dogs.

Large amounts of these toxins will ultimately cause a dog to begin to vomit up the grapes uncontrollably, as well as causing the dog to become jittery, and hyperactive. The dog will later seem to become “lazy” as their stomach starts to ache.  They may stop drinking, eating, and will not want to go to the “wash room”.

With out treatment, the dog can have kidney failure, and could die a painful death.

If your dog has eaten grapes, take it to the vet as soon as you can.  There are some treatments such as stomach pumping that can help your dog.  The sooner this is done, the better the chance of the dog becoming healthy again.

The best prevention for this is do not leave grapes around the where the dog can have access to the grapes.

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