can dogs eat grapefruit

Can dogs eat grapefruit

  • Dogs can eat grapefruit
  • Dogs generally do not like grapefruit

Can dogs eat grapefruit?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat grapefruit?

Dogs can eat grapefruit! (However most dogs do not like eating grapefruits)

Dogs can eat grapefruit, however they generally do not like them.   Grapefruit is high in citrus, which is usually too acidic for dogs to enjoy.

If dogs eat more than a small amount of grapefruit, it can upset their stomach and cause the runs.

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    My husky loves grapefruit. She uses them as a ball and eats them as well. I’m not sure how much she eats a day when she’s out side. But it’s never given her any problems. It just turns her poop orange and I found seeds in it. I have asked my vet and since she’s had no issues and her blood work is fine he says there’s no reason to stop her.

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    My dog loves grapefruit, lemons, oranges, pears and apples…. He only gets a small amount though because of digestive problems. But the vet said to give him a slice when he is constipated…it serves as a natural laxative.

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      According to ASPCA grapefruit can harm a dog.

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    My dog likes to use grapefruit as a ball. We live in Florida and have a grapefruit tree in the back yard. He doesn’t actually eat the grapefruit but I was concerned if it would harm him. Good to know that small amounts are ok. He loves to play fetch and once the grapefruit has too many punctures, I take it away from him and he gets a new one.

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    My chihuahua likes grapefruit. I don’t give him too much though, as it will upset his stomach.

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    grape fruit is unlike grapes.

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    The grapefruit is sour, so dogs wont like it.

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    On the contrary, my 2 year old Walker Hound begs for grapefruit every time I eat it. Oddly enough, I never liked it, but took a strange craving for it So I started eating it every day. Every single day, she makes her way into the kitchen and begs for some.. So I let her lick the bowl after I drank the juice ( with a touch of sugar ) and she liked it enough.. So I gave her a very small piece of the actual fruit.. didn’t she eat that too. She also likes oranges, pears, apples, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, etc.. Seems to like all fruit..

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    dogs will not like grapefruit, but i dont see anything wrong with it.

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    I cannot see why dogs cannot eat them… My dog eats about anything.

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      Deep tuhoght! Thanks for contributing.

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    Grapefruit should not have any harmful side affects, but don’t give your dog a lot anyway.

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    Thanks for the info!

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    Cant see why it would hurt the dog, cannot find anything that claims they are poisonous, but it might give your dog the runs.

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    Dogs wont like grapefruit much… It will be much too sour for them to enjoy it.

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    This is correct,
    Grapes are nothing like grapefruit.

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