Can dogs eat french fries

Can dogs eat french fries

  • Dogs can eat french fries
  • Dogs should not eat large amounts of french fries

Can dogs eat french fries?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat french fries?

Dogs can eat french fries!  Since french fries are just strips of potatoes, and dogs can eat potatoes, dogs can also eat french fries.

If you are giving your dog a few fries, make sure the fries do not have a lot of spice, salt, or oil on them.  All these things can be unhealthy for dogs.

You should not be giving your dog a lot of french fries on a regular bases, as they can (like in humans) lead to obesity, and problems associated with obesity.

If you do decide to feed your dog some french fries, try to keep it to two or three fries at a time.

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    Dogs cannot eat potatoes. It is a plant-based food that can formed acrylamide, a cancer-causing chemical when such foods are heated to high temperature (such as in making dry foods through extrusion) like potato chips and french fries.

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    They can eat them, but it is very unhealthy.

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    too salty for dogs.

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    if you can find unsalted fries, then ya.

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    fries are very salty, so they are not good for dogs.

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    french fries are ok.

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    french fries are very unhealthy..

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    French fries are very high in salt, so they are not recommended for dogs.

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    Try not to give your dog french fries… They are not healthy.

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    Just don’t give dogs fries that are very salty, salt is not healthy!

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    Thanks for the write up.
    My dog begs for fries all the time.

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