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Can Dogs Eat Celery

Can dogs eat celery

  • Dogs can eat celery

Can dogs eat celery?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat celery?

Dogs can eat celery!

The answer is yes, dogs can eat celery. Most dog owners would usually feed their dogs with dog food and dog treats. Now you can add celery as your dog’s snack. Not only it is rich in vitamins, it is also a natural diuretic. Celery aids in the production of urine which helps remove excess fluids from your pet’s body. It also prevents urinary tract infection which is caused by prolonged retention or waste fluids in the body. Celery is the perfect snack for your dogs if they are suffering from arthritis. It is also rich in vitamin C which boosts your dog’s immune system.

Some owners would tell you that celery would not be easily digested so don’t feed your dogs with it. Celery is in fact difficult for your dogs to digest but it is not a valid reason not letting them eat it. There are some alternatives in which your dog can ingest celery. You can always chop the celery into smaller pieces in order for them to be easily chewed by your dog. It is also advisable to feed them in small amounts in order not to suffer from indigestion. If you have a juicer in the house, you can always serve celery juice to your dog. It will be much easier for them if you will be serving it in a juice form.

Moderation is always the key. Make sure that your dog gets enough walk and exercise after eating some celery or any food. This will help in the digestion process and faster absorption of the nutrients. Do not also over feed your dog with celery since it can also have a harmful effect. Too much celery can cause excessive excretion of body fluids which can cause dehydration to your dog. Keep your dogs healthy by having a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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