can dogs eat cat food

Can dogs eat cat food

  • Dogs can eat cat food
  • Dogs cannot live only on cat food

Can dogs eat cat food?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat cat food?

The answer is yes, dogs can eat cat food, however cat food does not provide all the necessary nutrients that a dog needs.

Cat food will not harm dogs, however dogs are meant to have a different diet, therefore cat food does not provide a dog with the proper amounts of nutrients, and vitamins that it needs.

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    My dog eatc my cats food all the time… He has never been sick…

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    They can, but cat food is not the same thing as dog food.

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    I dont see why a dog could not eat catfood.

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    cat food wont hurt your dog. but it contains different levels of protein, and other nutrients as dog food.

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    as long as its not a regular thing its ok.

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    cat food is not meant for dogs.

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    i mix some catfood into my dogs bowl when i feed him. He seems to like it.

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    Cat food does not have the same nutrient levels as dog food.

    If you give your dog cat food, you should not make it a regular thing. This is because your dog can become ill due to a lack of nutrients.

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    ThishBors says cat food is yum.

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    human drugs =/= dog drugs.

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    not the same thing, but should be fine.

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    thanks for the post!

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    yes, thank you.

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    They can, but dont make a habit of it.

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    Thanks for posting this!

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