can dogs eat brussel sprouts

Can dogs eat brussel-sprouts

  • Dogs can eat brussel sprouts

Can dogs eat brussel sprouts?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat brussel sprouts?

Dogs can eat brussel sprouts! 

There is nothing wrong with giving your dog some brussel sprouts, however it will not do them much good.  Your dog will also likely not like the taste of the brussel sprouts.

Like most other veggies, brussel sprouts will also give your dog gas.

Do not feed your dog a lot of brussel sprouts if you do give them some, but one or two will be fine.

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    I just processed all the brussel sprouts off the stalk. W wondering if I would hurt to give the dogs the stalks to chew on. They ate 2 goldens that ate 70 pounds each and a GP/STB who is 110 pounds. thanks for the info

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    Thankfully after giving a bunch of spouts to our two golden’s, I realized I’m traveling tomorrow. What a fun surprise for the wife and kids…

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    We adopted a very overweight 8 yr. old golden. While offering her many kinds of veggies to eat, she finally settled on brussel sprouts, with capers. She loves them,
    We give her 3 or 4 at a time, and she does fine

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    Too bad I read all of these comments after I gave my wifes minni Dachshund a few… too many…. veenerstinker

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    Thankѕ for finally tаlking аbout
    > can dogѕ eat brusѕel sprοuts | Dogs Eat < Loved it!

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    thanks for the post, i did not know that dogs eat brussels sprouts.

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    brussel sprouts will make your dog fart like there is no tomorrow.

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    Gave it to my dog once.. she had gas all night… not going to give again.

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    My dog eats radishes, peas, beans, brussel sprouts, cherry tomatoes, romaine lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots etc. She loves them more than meat treats. Dogs are omnivores, which means they they eat flesh as well as vegetables. They need less protein in their diet versus true carnivors such as felines.

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    I’m worried because I gave my 7year old girl labrador called Britney 5 sprouts! Will she get bloat?? Please help! Thankyou X

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      5 sprouts should be ok, she may get a little gas, but a labrador is a large dog, so she should be able to handle it.

      Let us know how she felt afterwards.

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        Just don’t excercise her vigorusly afterward.

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        Thankyou so much for your info we have 2 labs and they got into the cooked brussel sprouts and I was nervous!

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    brussel sprouts will give your dog gas… I would not give them any unless you have a gas mask 😉

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    i would not give my dog any..

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      A little gas is a small price to pay for a low cal treat that they love.

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    Thanks for the post about dogs.

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    Great post, thank you.

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    You are right, it will give dogs gas.

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    brussel sprouts will give your dog gas…

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