can dogs eat brown rice

Can dogs eat brown rice

  • Dogs can eat brown rice

Can dogs eat brown rice?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat brown rice?

Dogs can eat brown rice! 

Brown rice, and any other COOKED RICE is fine for dogs to eat.  If the rice is raw, it will expand in the dogs stomach causing a lot of pain.

Brown rice (and all other rice) does not have a lot of nutrients, so it should not compose a meal, however it can be a healthy addition to dog food for a dog that needs to diet.


Post by: Adrian Sau

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  11. Not sure if brown rice is any different from white rice… (they taste the same to me)

    but my dog loves white rice.

  12. Rice is fine as long as its cooked fully.

  13. I have been giving my dog brown rice in her food for years. I mix a little in with some chicken and her dog food.

  14. brown rice is a great food for dogs.

  15. brown rice is fine.

  16. Rice is always ok for dogs.

  17. cooked rice is fine for dogs to eat.

  18. I would think brown rice is the same as regular rice.

  19. If you have to do it, if its cooked…

  20. If you cook it right, you can. i use it as a bit of filler with other food.

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