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Can dogs eat bananas

Can dogs eat bananas

  • Dogs can eat bananas
  • Do not feed too many bananas to dogs at once
  • Dogs can eat banana peels as well, but they are not recommended 

Can dogs eat bananas?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat bananas?

Dogs can eat bananas!  

Bananas are perfectly fine for dogs to eat; however bananas do contain a large amount of sugars, so they should not be given to dogs in large amounts. (Many people say that they cannot eat a banana without their dog sitting beside them begging)

Giving a couple slices of banana to your dog as an occasional treat is perfectly ok, and harmless, however giving them banana on a regular basis can cause obesity, and other problems associated with obesity.

One thing many dog trainers do is put banana slices into the freezer, then bring the banana slices with them while training the dogs.  They use the banana as a natural  substitute to a dog treat, giving the dog banana slices for positive behaviour.

Some people claim that their dogs also enjoy banana peels, however they are not recommended to be given to dogs.

You should not give your dog more than one banana per day, as the potassium levels in the banana’s can effect your dogs colon movements.

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