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Can dogs eat advil

Can dogs eat advil

  • Dogs can not eat advil

Can dogs eat advil?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat advil?

Dogs can not eat advil!  There are however drugs for dogs that have the effect advil has on humans.  The dog equivalent drug of advil is called Rimadyl.   This  drug is safe for dogs as it contains a safe type of the medication.

Advil contains a drug called ibuprofen that is deadly and poisonous to dogs.

My dog ate Advil what do I do?

If your dog happens to mistakenly eat a pill, you should induce vomiting by having your dog drink a water/hydrogen peroxide mix.  This will make your dog start throwing up so it will spit out the pill.

Advil damages dogs kidneys, and can result in death by kidney failure.

Depending on the size of your dog, it can be ok with having one pill, however it can cause some damage.  Small dogs can have much more damage done. Closely monitor your dog if it takes a pill, and be ready to call a vet, or emergency clinic.

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