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Can Dogs Eat Acorns

Can dogs eat acorns

  • Dogs can not eat acorns

Can dogs eat acorns?

you may ask yourself can my dog eat acorns?

Dogs can not eat acorns!

Dogs and acorns do not go together as most experts say. Acorns contain a toxic substance called Gallotannin which can be fatal to your dogs. Acorns can cause moderate to severe problems in your dogs depending on the amount they have ingested. Some dogs experience mild vomiting, diarrhea and stomach ache only while others suffer from renal failure which eventually leads to death. The toxic substance is not just the problems with acorns, the hard shell can also cause laceration of the throat or even blocking the intestines of your dogs.
There are some instances that your dog accidentally ate an acorn and you are probably wondering if your dog will be fine. Chances are if it happened only once then your dog will be fine. Just make sure to remove all acorns in your yard if you have any. It will also be best to avoid walking your dog in places where he or she can pick up one or two acorns.
If your dog experiences mild symptoms of toxicity such as those mentioned above, go to your veterinarian immediately in order to give your dog the necessary medical treatment. You can also prevent this from happening if you will be teaching your dog not to pick up any food that is not being served to him.

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